Cuando se trata de traducciones legales, sólo contamos con traductores legales que entiendan cómo traducir el léxico legal correctamente. Nuestros traductores legales profesionales han sido abogados ellos mismos y practicado la ley en diferentes partes del mundo. Con Kepo, un profesional legal y con experiencia estará traduciendo tus documentos y asegurándose que todo sea transcrito y transmitido exactamente como debe ser. Lee más acerca del equipo legal y profesional de Kepo más abajo.



I completed a 5-year Business Management program (top 20), and subsequently earned a Marketing & Sales post-graduate specialization degree. I have spoken English since age five. I completed the advanced TOFEL exam at age 14. I've worked in the education industry, and I have extensive experience in large firms that specialize in law, consumer goods, and the food and beverage industry. I taught English to children, and later I became a translator for business professionals and lawyers primarily from Asia. I also specialize in Digital Marketing (SEO-SEM) and in projects that can better people’s quality of life.


As a attorney at law from Spain, I am fully qualified give you accurate legal advice, and produce the legal documents and legal acts that your case requires. I’m a proven, experienced manager and effective team member. I am fully capable of responding quickly and accurately to evolving securities, laws, and regulations. I was born in Spain, and I've lived in the UK and USA.