Los traductores certificados de Kepo tienen diferentes perfiles. Una cosa que todos compartimos son todos los años de experiencia en traducciones y el compromiso a la excelencia. ¡Lee más de nosotros abajo!


» Anita

My name is Anita. I am multilingual, which is an accomplishment that I’ve always dreamed of achieving. I was born to bilingual parents in the small European country of Slovenia. I consider myself ambitious, yet simple.
At a young age, I fell in love with languages. At college, I specialized in French and South Slavic languages. I adore translating because it allows me to explore and create. The best words to describe me in my free time would be music, nature, sports, books, movies, friends, meditation, and travel.

» Carlos

Hi, I’m Carlos. I’m a professional and certified translator of English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna for 15 years and acquired a volume of expertise in this area. As a translator, I have done several book and site translations.

» Nataly

My name is Nataly. I was born in Venezuela. For 8 years I have worked in various international companies as an accountant. I am fluent in English and have years of experience in working in businesses in both Spanish and English. I was the lead for the completion of reports sent to our company headquarters and was fundamental in completing the translations.

» Matthew

Hi, I’m Matthew. I hold a BA in Chinese from Brigham Young University. I lived in China for nearly four years and have extensive Chinese-English translation experience. I’ve translated various types of projects, from medical reports, immigration documents, and business reports to marketing literature, television scripts, and advertising copy. Whether it is a formal or creative project, I can turn it out.

» Miguel

My name is Miguel. I was born in Mexico City. I studied chemical engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I have worked for six years in various international pharmaceutical companies as a regulatory affairs specialist. In this job, I would obtain and analyze technical, legal, and chemical data from several countries in order to register pharmaceutical products at the Mexican Ministry of Health. During this time, I translated from English to Spanish and vice versa on a daily basis. I have traveled to the USA, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I’ve also play the bass guitar.

» Venus

Hello! My name is Venus. I am a native Japanese translator born and raised in central Tokyo, Japan. I'm bilingual in Japanese and English. I have worked steadily as a translator and editor for over 20 years. Furthermore, I have worked for American, Canadian, and Japanese IT companies. As an immigrant from Japan, I myself have had frequent contact with the USCIS, giving me a good idea of what they require.

» Sascha

Hi, I’m Sascha. Ever since I was young, languages have been my passion. I bilingual in German and English. In 2010, I attended a vocational school to study economics. After this, I moved to S. Germany and started studying economics at the University of Applied Science in Kempten. I'm currently in my fifth semester, and I'm specializing in International Business. I have done all kinds of translation work, such as technical, legal, medical, and tourism translations. I love doing different types of translations. With each project, I feel I’m learning something new.

» Gustavo


Hello, I’m Gustavo. I am both French and Argentine. Therefore, I'm bilingual in French and Spanish, as I was raised speaking both languages. I have five years of experience as a translator, covering topics as complicated as finance and law. I translate English into French and Spanish, and vice versa. In addition, I hold a degree in Economics and have experience in writing financial reports and articles.